Castel Haiti


1st Prize: Office & Convention Center
UNDP United Nations Development Program Building


Port au Prince, Haiti
Castel Haiti

As a distinctive mark an the major top of a steep hill in the heart of Port au Prince the building is located 100 meters above sea level. This elevated position, ideally adjected to downtown Port au Prince, allows magnificent views above the busy heart of the capital, the montains, the bay, an the farout tropical surroundings - giving the impression of a significant citadel. The Castel Haiti building is part of the original construction complex of which the nine-storey tower, facing north, holds the most striking views.

An extension of similar size an the south side with an additional elevator and staircase makes the tower more functional and efficient. Each regular floor (370 m2) contains ten office rooms with 18.5 m2 an average, one common reception area and one meeting room. Two rooms can be connected to a common space for the manager and the secretary. The ground floor offers space for a library, a cafeteria and communication areas. The structural grid of concrete contains prefabricated wall and window elements.

Castel Haiti
Castel Haiti Sideview

A secondary light curtain wall in front of the wall enclosing the offices will protect the building from heating up during daytime and can be used as a barrier supporting security aspects at nighttime. A parking structure will accommodate 200 parking spaces. A two-storey restaurant, part of the former Castel Haiti, offers an extraordinary viev to the guests. An additional convention hall an the southwest wing of Castel Haiti will allow meetings for up to 500 participants. Several conference rooms for 40 to 150 people and a foyer which is well connected to the kitchen complete the multifunctional complex.